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What the World Would Be Like If Marketing Call to Action Didn’t Exist

Achieving business success in the age of technology requires an astute ability to write dynamic copy, measure user engagement, and determine audience needs to ensure relevant and consumer-driven web content.

As been in the field of creative and organized marketing professional with extensive experience writing, updating, and managing website and Social Media Content. To overseeing content writers and utilizing social media channels to maximize brand exposure, expertise in web content management can be leveraged to enable successful marketing and communications strategies and help businesses to achieve their unique goals. Additionally, implementing forward-thinking initiatives and concepts for online publication to create trusted customer relationships and realize sustained revenue growth. Have you ever noticed Marketers saying that Marketing is based on Science. Not on creativity , but YES facts are facts. So Marketing starts before creating the product. It starts with understanding  the customer and customer need that leads to creating a product that fits. It’s about sending the right message, to the right person at the right time. Marketing is not just about selling. It is about keeping and existing customer happy by communicating  with them so they can remain a customer for life. It’s a Game of perceptions, never let marketing  become more important than the product.

Brand Ambassadors are created by selling Great products. Understanding or Investing Time and Energy in Learning Marketing is worth giving a shot for any Business Owner !

Human Psychology understands the marketing. Marketing as a topic has existed since the down of civilization since the first market square appeared in the first villages. For early stage startups marketing will be the most precious investment for maximum ROI. Burst the Myth ! Marketing can be outsourced completely to a marketing agency. It’s not a compulsory that the founder needs to be a marketer.

People Love Safe Career options and YES if you are somebody who know how to market and sell any Product / Service! Then you are at the Right Track. 

Every Entrepreneur should learn about Global Economics Policies and Frameworks to make decisions for their business and to establish outcomes from it, where as country economy goes up as the age of the country goes up ( That’s why Indian Market is becoming BIG and started focusing on India). Have you Ever Heard this before ‘’ DEBT CREATES MONEY ‘’  If you take money again . More debt in the economy means more cash .When People start Repaying the debt the money supply shrinks ( And  central bank reduces interest rates to exchange debt )

Understanding Indian Economics & Wealth Concentration is 23 Million Household ,19.15 million Amazon Prime Subscribers & 20-25 million online shoppers. And more together all the target customers are concentrated in the top 10 cities of India. And most of  the Customers speak English. On the basis of these stats Marketers and Business owners takes decisions like if the product is Generic with a very wide targeting then TV ads can reach millions at a low cost. ( Ex Apple Phones.).

Digital Marketing is the best medium to reach the affluent English speaking population in India with spending power – 160 Million Users, but another Great medium is Radio it already covers 65% of the Indian population. Apparently everything has demerit  and traditional marketing has though ! Traditional Marketing can’t personalize the communication. Their is nothing as Deep Marketing in Traditional Marketing. Marketing Executives in a big companies and in Ad Agencies run branding campaigns which do not give specific and measurable results. Increase in ‘’ brand awareness ‘’ is not measurable.

Direct Response Marketing is a type of marketing  designed to elicit and direct response by encouraging prospects to take specific action. 

Importance of Call to Action

1. An Advertisement in the newspaper with a phone number is a Call to Action. 

  1. Advertisements leading to a landing page with a Lead Form is a Call to Action.
  2. A Sale page with a product Link to purchase the product is also Call to Action.
  3. Running a Sponsored Ad on Instagram which Redirects to a E- Commerce Website to Shop in it is also a Call to Action.
  4. An FM channel doing a Marketing Campaign for a Newly Opened Shop and asking there audience to visit the Shop is also a Call to Action.

What is CATT Marketing Funnel

Wealth = n CATT

In the word CATT (C) denotes to be the Content (A) Attention (T)Trust (T) Transaction

(n)Niche : Your success & wealth depends on the niche you choose.

(C)Content : Create useful content that attracts people  from your niche. Blog posts, Video, Lead magnets live Webinar etc. (A)  Attention : Drive Attention (traffic) to your Content using SEO, Social Media , Paid Ads and Referrals. (T) Trust : Build trust with your audience with Trip wires, Marketing automation and retargeting. (T) Transaction : Convert your leads into customers with natural sales method.

Choosing the Right Niche is a combination of Talent + Market + Passion = Your Niche  

Source – DigitalDeepak.com

Digital Marketing is a combination of Email Marketing , Paid Advertising, SEO and Social Media via Content Marketing and this concept is Integrated Digital Marketing. 

If you look around nowadays, you’ll see far too much advertising and marketing. Brands are constantly fighting for customers ‘ attention. When we analyze the Digital Marketing world, we see that the same has been happening: wherever you are, you’ll face a dozen ads and pieces of content. So, if you want to drive better results and get the best strategy up and running quickly, to generate leads and sales, you need to cut through the noise of marketing. Integrated Digital Marketing encompasses the idea of creating a unique form of expression that’s easy to identify in all the channels your customer uses. An integrated Digital Marketing strategy is always crafting the same feeling on every touchpoint and interaction of your customer with your brand.

You can do that by unifying every channel and planning your tactics with one single goal in mind, getting all of them to work together to move your customer further in the buyer’s journey.