How to Do Live Stream on YouTube Using OBS


  1. Connect USB Cable to DSLR (Nikon 5200)
  2. Connect RF mic lead to MIC port of PC (see pink icon) . Don’t connect to Headphone jack (see green icon, don’t connect mic to it). Select “Mic” when popup open in system.

3. Open “digiCamcontrol virtual webcam” software

4. Check if “D5200” is selected in digicamcontrol software

5. Check if “Start Live View” is working. If not then put the camera on “M” Mode.

6. If everything is right then go ahead otherwise check camera and USB Cable Connection.

7. If above steps are perfect then Open “OBS”

 Look for sources:

  • If “DSLR” is not showing then make sure the eye icon is ON.
  1. Otherwise add “Video Capture Device” by clicking + and select “DCC Virtual Camera” in Video Capture Device. If the camera is on and Digicamcontrol webcam software is running, it will show the camera view otherwise the colorful screen will show.
  1. IF “Mic Input is” not showing then make sure the eye icon is ON.
  1. Otherwise add “Audio Input Capture” by clicking + or change the property of existing audio input capture.
  2. Select “Realtek Audio” as shown in this image:

8. Add Logo by adding “Image” by clicking + or change the properties of existing image to change the logo.

9. Add Frame by adding “Media Source” by click + or change the properties of existing video to change the path. Make sure to click “Loop” so frame can run always.

10. See if everything is visible right in top preview.

11. Now go to YouTube and go to schedule video in Live section.

12. Go to stream settings and find stream key

13. Copy stream key and open OBS and go to stream settings.

14. Click on “Stream” tab

15. Remove the existing key and then paste the new key. And click on Show to verify if same key is pasted.

16. Click OK.

17. Click on “Start Streaming” button

18. See if green icon is visible

19. Go on YouTube and see if you are getting proper signal.

20. See if you are getting live signals on stream.

21. Check in headphone after unmuting the preview video in YouTube if audio is coming right.

22. If everything is right and click on  “Go Live” video in top right side of YouTube.

23. When live ends, click on  “End Stream”/

24. Don’t call BINOD for any confusion.

Check out the Full Video